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Batman Forever

The plot of the film "Batman Forever" number of dangerous criminals in Gotham increases, everyone has his own motives, but mostly is a feud with mysterious Batman, whose identity the villains dream of expose. So the alter-ego of the former Gotham City District Attorney Harvey Dent Two-faced, holds hostages with the aim to lure Batman into a trap, and the evil genius Dr. EdWard Nigma creates a device to broadcast the information directly into the human brain.

This invention was not approved and the project was closed, and when the company management learned of the continuation of the work of the Nigmy over the developments, it instantly fired. Impressed by the acts of a dual, Nigma invents itself alter-ego Riddler and begins to dispense atrocities. In the fight Bjetmonu with evil geniuses Gotham City helps young guy Dick Grayson he is Robin. Together they will save charming psychiatrist Chase Meridian, which captured two-face with Zagadochnikom, but before that unravel a series of riddles.

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