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That Thing You Do!

In the center of the plot of the Comedy Drama "That Thing You Do!" is the story of the rise and fall of American rock group called the Wonders, the popularity of which catapulted in the 60-ies of the last century. This group was an American alternative to the legendary British Beatles. Unreal success team members have gained considerably faster their British colleagues, they are not able to write new songs, like those from becoming new singles and beat records on the radio charts.

In 1964 year young guy Guy Patterson along with friends creates a rock-group. The first song, titled "That Thing You Do!" becomes a mega popular. And here's the guys write their first record they appear thousands of female fans who go crazy from their songs. The lives of young guys forever changing, but none of them think that their group Wonders to the tops of vzletevshaja rapidly, so rapidly commit drop, losing popularity.

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