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Space Jam

Comedy movie "Space Jam" takes the viewer into the world of Toon and big-time Sports. In parallel with the real world in which people live on Earth exists and the world of Toon, in which the characters of the popular animated tv series "Looney Tunes": rabbit Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky pig and many others. Once the Multiputiju are invading space aliens from the planet "mountain Idiots" to kidnap the rabbit Bugs Bunny and his friends on your planet for the amusement of the local population.

But bugs bunny offers nezvanym guests compete in a basketball game, and the winning team decides everything. In order to defeat enemies, cartoons turn to professional player Michael Jordan, who does not want to hear. Then, without thinking, the company basketball and kidnaps Toon in your world. Now Michael Jordan had no choice but to play for the Toon. Will the superstar basketball remain the favorite characters in native Multiputii?

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