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The House

Measured life led an ordinary American family. The husband and his wife had grown daughter, soon the girl had admission to a College, training in which stands a large sum of money. It seems that not to worry about anything, because the amount has already been accumulated and lies on a bank account. To do this, they had a lot of work, but how could the spouses assume that their lifestyle would cause the entire amount is misspent. Simple purchase developed into big, bad desire never disappeared, so why now they're surprised to see that all the buildup almost spent? Surely now their baby arrives in college and not get a college education? Does it have to say goodbye with a bright future?

You need to come up with something quickly, while the daughter didn't know the true state of affairs. Instantly make you fail, do not give them credit, but the head of the family is able to come up with ways of earning. In the head a man comes a unique idea — in the basement of his house open a casino. In this place a small amount would, because money attracts money and players in their city enough. The only difficulty is that this kind of business is illegal, and the family faces trouble if law enforcement authorities will become known. But think once, money is needed urgently. Start cooking, welcoming establishment will soon open its doors to the first customers, the main thing is that they were undercover cops.

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