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Primal Fear

In the Centre of Thriller called "Primal Fear" is the confrontation of the accused lawyer Prosecutor and former mistress at the trial over the killing of the Archbishop. Dear Chicago Archbishop Rashmen was found slaughtered. Not far from the scene of the Crime was a young guy, Aaron Stjempler, whose clothes were stained with the blood of the slain. The facts point to the guilt of the guy, but he said that did not kill anyone. To protect Aaron becomes known successful attorney Martin Vail, interested this confusing matter.

Martin is going to make every effort to prove the innocence of the guy to save him from the death penalty. Confronts him in the courtroom, Assistant General Prosecutor Janet Venable, with whom Martin was having an affair. However, investigations and interviews with the accused, events are changing so fast that even professional Vail can't understand what's what in this case. Soon discover that with Aaron, Yes and the Archbishop was not Holy.

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