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My Best Friend's Wedding

Stereotypes that still broadcast that friendship between different floors do not exist is terribly outdated. Guys perfectly find girls for the role of vests and those using strong floor for protection. Michael, starting with student life, is friends with Julianne. They suit each other all but friendship between them. Only a small agreement under which they would get married. If none of them will find a companion to twenty-eight, then become best friends. A little time passes, Julianne does not even think about marriage.

Friends communicate perfectly, and none of them does not faze that the second has partners. It's all is impermanent. Twenty-eight have not yet turned, and Michael was about to marry. Only girl now realized that all the time waiting for their agreed deadline, because it really was going to marry your best friend. Her calmness was due to the polyphonic dialog guy, but now he's getting married!

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