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Men in Black

On Earth has long been secretly living hundreds of alien creatures, whose deeds is handled by a special Bureau. Employees of the Bureau solve issues related to immigration, are extraterrestrial beings, their social protection and the protection of the inhabitants of the land from potential adverse effects. Events of the film "men in black" start to develop at the moment when the agent Kay, a veteran Bureau, began searching for a new mate. As a result of tests conducted, he hires a policeman who gets the code name agent Jay.

While companions try to get along and work together effectively, with newcomers, living in New York, starts worrying. Many in the rush to leave the Earth, claiming that something terrible will happen here soon. In development by teammates gets about one case of illegal aliens. Once on the planet, the alien takes new look and mercilessly killing all in his path, hunting for a mysterious artifact that can lead to the loss of an entire planet.

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