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U.S. Marshals

The aircraft was Gerard, crashes during landing is killed a few people, and one of the prisoners, mark Vorens, escapes. Marshal last saw him on board, therefore, takes his quest: Sam, his team and the FBI agent goes on the trail of Mark. Special Agent reports that at the scene of the Crime, during which two officers were killed, the FBI found fingerprints of Marc, but Gerard puts in doubt his words-film footage not seen on the face of the perpetrator, but noticeable presence of gloves on his hands. new game Unfolds-Marshal goes on the side of the prisoner, as did Mark himself.

Vorens, formerly Sheridan, was a resident of the FBI, efficiently carrying out all orders. When the work is hard and dirty, mark have flopped over the side of the antagonists, taking with them some knowledge about dishonest Games special agents. They really need: not he himself, of course, his head ...

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