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On the criminal Drama "Rounders," a young law student Michael dreams of big money, but how often he wants to have it all now. Reaches its goal of sensible guy by means of professional playing cards, his dream is to win the World Championship of Poker. However, he loses a large sum of money of criminal personality named Teddy KGB, then zarekaetsja would never play cards. Michael works successfully, he has a girlfriend, an apartment and a quiet life, but in this life like a hurricane rushes from his childhood best friend Lester Murphy nicknamed worm, who was released from prison.

During the term of Lester improved his card skills and in the first days of freedom starts playing in underground clubs to collect bucks and give Teddy KGB a large debt in the amount of 15 000. Michael helps him raise money, but time to return the debt remains smaller and rounders can't win the required amount. However, Leicester plays unfairly by cunning tricks than brings on trouble. To help a friend, Michael is forced to take things into their own hands and start to play big.

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