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Toy Story 2

The plot of the cartoon "Toy Story 2" keeps on telling the Adventures of their favorite heroes in the world living toys. The room boy Andy continues fun games from his favorite toys-cowboy Woody, space Ranger and Plato as child Lajterom, a pig-coin box Hjemmom and others. But once the secret an attacker steals a cowboy Woody directly from domestic toy sales. To investigate the case is taken Buzz Lightyear, who learns that the kidnapper Woody is a certain collector by the name of El, who is going to sell the rare collection to a Japanese Toy Museum.

For the complete collection of it just lacked cowboy Woody. In house Ela, Woody met with the same toys, like him: cowboy girl Jessie, older prospectors Pete-Vonjuchkoj, and also learned that he is the sheriff and he has a faithful horse Bulzaj. To rescue Woody all toys Andy headed by Plato as child Lajterom. They will be hard and long journey to House ELA, as well as rescuing not only other cowboy Woody, but the rest of the toys.

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