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At the end of the 19th century ship anymore suffers a wreck off the coast of the African continent. A young couple and their little son managed to escape, but soon parents are killed, and the boy takes on education Gorilla Kala, who had recently lost their baby. She calls the baby Tarzan and educates as native. True, the husband of Kala — tribal leader gorillas Sculpin are not very happy with the human cub. The boy grew up among wild animals, has adjusted to life in the jungle, I learnt the skills of hunting, as well as skill to keep up with the fellow.

Years later, from a small, fragile, the indecisiveness of Tarzan boy turned into a brave, strong and clever man, capable to kill dangerous Leopard Sabor, who directed the Horror of all the inhabitants of the jungle. In the world of wildlife among the insidious and dangerous animals Tarzan is like a fish in the water, but soon he has to face the most dangerous predators — people.

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