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October Sky

The Action film "October Sky" occur in the late 50-IES of XX century in the small American town of Colwood, West Virginia. In October 1957 the year the whole world learned the daunting news is that the Soviet Union for the first time in History, launched the first satellite into space. At the height of the cold War, this news has shocked States, they instantly included in the space race with the Union.

However, not only the Government of America was shocked on that October day, but senior Kolvudskoj school Homer Hickham, who simply unhinged on space. He's going to build your own rocket, which consults with school teacher, gathers his friends for the contribution, as well as writes letters to an outstanding constructor of raketostroitelju. But an obstacle Homer becomes a father-Miner, vkalyvajushhij on the local mine, which clue stupid dreams son. However, the guy follows his dream and once he starts his rocket into the sky.

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