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Boys Don't Cry

Drama movie "Boys Don't Cry" based on real events, tells the story of a beautiful spiritual world of man, insane, all-consuming, blinding love, wild human cruelty, the Bill for the sins and dashed hopes for a better life. The plot of the movie young guy Brandon Tina arrives in the small town of Falls City, Neb., and immediately turns out to be the center of attention, not just because he's a rookie, but also because lightning is gaining a reputation as a ladies ' man. Life in the small town of goes steadily and monotonously, residents know each other, men pjanstvujut, get random connection, but all build of itself moral people.

But Brandon is accustomed to live otherwise, it behaves like a living its last day. Like most male part of the population of the city he drinks, smokes, fights in bars, as well as detached to the fullest with your friends, but at the same time, Brandon is responsive, attentive and responsive guy, on which all the girls retracted, as a perfect gentleman. He also found his love in the face of the most beautiful girls in Lana Tisdel. However, Brandon his entire life running from city to city because it holds a terrible secret that could ruin him.

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