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Comedy "X-Men" is the eponymous comic series, filmed by Director Brian singer in 2000 year. The film tells the story of people who are in the process of evolution and genetic mutation, were born with supernatural abilities such as telekinesis, telepathy and magnitizm more.

Born mutants, the x-men have become a threat to society, because ordinary people fear and hate everyone and everything that is different from themselves. But despite the hostile attitude of mankind some mutants unable to survive. Many of them learned to manage their own phenomenal abilities thanks to the world-famous telepatu, Professor Charles Ksaveru, who was their mentor and teacher. However, not all the disciples Professor shared his view over abilities, aimed for the benefit of mankind.

Magneto, possessing strength magnitizma, able to subdue all metals, gathers his team of like-minded, who do not believe in peaceful coexistence between humans and mutants. They are going to be the only representatives of the Earth and only disciples Professor-x-men in power to prevent War.

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