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What Women Want

Komedijnaya meloDrama "What Women Want" tells about an unusual event that occurred with one of the residents of Chicago. Nick brings his hand like Marshal knows her worth. He was a successful man, who sees himself as the most charming and attractive, well just did a gift for women. Simply a great womanizer Nick works at a large advertising firm, at the peak of his career, but the increase is just around the corner.

Confident Nick turns out to be very disappointed when raising goes to the beautiful blonde Darcy MakGuaer because the leadership considered that the woman is better versed in women's products on the market. At the request of Darcy all employees should have been worked out with the homework assignment issued by the women's goods and to submit a presentation.

However, at the time the job runs, behind Nick accident occurs and the next morning he finds God's gift. Nick hears about what women think. But the gift turns out to be a curse for this Playboy, like Nick. A little reassured he understands what unreal opportunity fell to his share. Now the granddaddy of Freud could so jealous, because Nick knows what women want!

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