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Action historical Drama "U-571" occur in the year 1942 during the second world War. The War in full swing, German submarines roam the expanses of oceans, but remain undetected by radar. The secret of the Germans is the cryptic typing "Enigma", thanks to which their movements remain a secret to the world. So it would continue if u-571 eyeliner did not came under a series of depth charges. The blasts killed nearly the whole team of mechanics.

At the same time, command of the United States NAVY develops a secret plan to capture the cryptic "Enigma" trimmer with damaged German submarine. Directs the operation of capturing Lieutenant Andrew Tyler, who together with the team of seafarers submarine S-33 "goes to drifting u-571. The operation was going well, but everything falls apart when the waters ahead of time, turns out to be a German submarine, came to the aid of the submarine u-571 ...

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