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The Perfect Storm

Disaster film "The Perfect Storm" based on real events that occurred with the fishing vessel Andrea Gail during hurricane Grace near the coast of America. Unlucky population United States-often they suffer from hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes, and the Atlantic Ocean pose a great danger. Movie characters live in a small town on the shore of the ocean, where the main work population is fishing, by which they live. The captain of the fishing vessel Andrea Gail Billy Tyne offers the team again go for the catch, after an unsuccessful move, not bringing any fish.

Not having time to relax and socialize with family and friends, crew members gather in a way, because everyone wants to make money. When he reached the great fish habitats, the crew was able to make a good catch, but not all will be able to return home. On the coast is raging hurricane that moves into the ocean and elevates the strongest storm. Now, to get to their friends and loved ones, a team of sailors need to go through a lot of tests, but the heaviest is the perfect storm.

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