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Road Trip

The plot of the teen Comedy "Road Trip" tells about the lives of several college students who had to visit such alterations, that even the funniest circus may seem gloomy collection of people. Young guy Josh is quite happy with life, he learns in a good University, he has a girlfriend, though she is studying in another city, there are friends, although a bit strange: the dreamer Barry, pervert and-E, as well as drug manufacturer Rubin. Friends have fun at University parties, but Josh is committing the fatal mistake.

He changes his girlfriend and everything is recorded on a camcorder. But it still flooring woes. Instead of videotape confessing love, Josh accidentally sends his girlfriend taped with his infidelity. To correct the situation he is racing with friends by car through the floor to catch the ill-fated videotape. However, along the way, friends fall into such an Adventure, what about the purpose of the trip already and not remember.

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