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Me, Myself & Irene

The plot of the Comedy film filmmakers Bobby and Peter Farrelly, "Me, Myself & Irene" tells the story of a good, responsive and naïve guy Charlie Baileygates. He lives in Rhode Island, working patrol officers, was married to a beautiful woman who changed him and eloped with a black dWarf, leaving Charlie three sons-mulattos. All residents of the city, frankly, to use kindness and responsiveness. But once his nerves and from subconscious breaks outside the second "I" Charlie named Hank, who is the complete opposite.

Hank is rough, brutal and CAD type, but to everything else and loves to knock over a glass Yes three-story to the paper. Charlie's life begins to turn into hell because of late appearances of Hank, who always spoils. Only one contrary agreed, both personalities have fallen in love with a dangerous fugitive Irene, which is mandated to carry under the supervision of New Jersey. But who will choose the babe Irene, good ol' Charlie or coarse Hank?

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