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Vanilla Sky

Fantastic Thriller "Vanilla Sky" tells the story of a young, rich balovne of fate named David Eames. He lives in New York City in the luxury penthouse, owns the publishing house, which brings very good profit and enjoys to the fullest, cutting through the city on his Sports car, and spending nights with a well-known beauty singer Julie Dzhiani. The truth is, David is not nothing and believes the girl just familiar.

At a party on the occasion of his birthday, he meets with an attractive girl, Sofia, friend of the writer, his best friend Brian. Between them breaks out a real spark and David realizes that the girl he was looking for. However, jealous and ears in love with Julie, he arranges a tantrum in which both get into a car accident. David survived, but Julie sitting behind the wheel, died immediately. The former beauty of face David left only memories, it was badly mutilated.

Doctors recommended he wear a special mask that hides the ugliness of a mutilated face. Life of David very much changed, it turned into a nightmare reality. Each new day brings all the more terrible consequences: the intrigue of the Board of Directors, who hold 49% of the shares, murder, long conversations with psychologist, plastic surgery of the face and return a beautiful appearance, life with his beloved Sophia ... Maybe it's not reality, but merely a never-ending sleep as Vanilla Sky in dreamland?

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