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Thir13en Ghosts

Mystical Thriller "Thir13en Ghosts" tells the story of the world of ghosts, which mere mortal is not visible and does not sign until he will come across with this world face to face.After the death of the eccentric and very rich uncle Cyrus, his nephew Arthur bequest inherited his house. This proved to be very useful as the House of Arthur burned down during a fire. Overwhelmed with joy the news of Arthur together with two kids and a black housekeeper-nanny move in a chic and very unusual House late uncle.

The whole House is made of glass, transparent walls decorated with some inscriptions, and doors open and close by themselves on an unknown cycle. However, having got acquainted with former Assistant Cyrus's uncle-Dennis, which is medium in the events happening are beginning to emerge.So Dennis says that Uncle Cyrus otlavlival casts and collected them in the basement of the House, lettering is the ancient Aramaic incantations not gave them an exit to the outside, and the House is one solid mechanism that opens the cages with ghosts. Now the family want to get out of the ill-fated mansion until Thir13en Ghosts don't come out at will.

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