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The Others

You love Action detectives? And Nicole Kidman? Well then the movie "The Others" are not exactly for you. Ta okay, just kidding I. And so, a few words about the film:

Others in this film is not such as everything, and not like all this kids one cute little ladies, who lives in a huge mansion and dozhidajushhejsja husband since World War II. Strange children so that they have a strange disease, namely, they may not be the direct rays of sunlight. And do not immediately remember Twilight and vampire diaries, I assure you that vampires are not here.

In General, these other children live in the House and never from him not to go. In addition, the House established strict rules until one door closed, another opened cannot be. But as you remember, the rules are made to be broken. So here, the rules have been violated. And when it happened, that's when the fun began.

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