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Spy Game

The plot of the movie "Spy Game" CIA Special Agent Nathan Muir has been working for the Government, he earned the title of intelligence veteran and soon going to retire. One day, by the time of the Vietnam War, he recruited a young boy Tom Bishop and became his mentor. They worked together for many years performed a multitude of complex and sensitive operations, but ahead of Muira and Bishop is waiting for another very important task is to save his own life in the shortest possible time.

And in fact, in his last day of work before retirement, Muir learns that his protege, great undercover agent Tom Bishop is in a Chinese prison, and through 12:00 am to face the death penalty. Muir perfectly realized that Bishop is a bargaining chip in the spy game, two powerful Nations, but let go of the situation take its course is failed. Fraudulently he organized operation to rescue his disciple Bishop.

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