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Shallow Hal

Hal Larsen, an ordinary young man who does not possess attractive appearance, high growth or glamour of a relief body, but he dreams about a girl with ideal settings for 90-60-90. What every man dreams of a beautiful woman next to him. But Hal cannot build normal strong relationship due to their excessive requests, it is not interested in the inner essence of girls, but only its appearance. Well, as they say-love evil. Once Hal is stuck in an elevator with a stranger and to pass the time he talked about his problems with the female.

And the stranger turned out to be a psychic, who with the help of hypnosis changed the worldview of Hal. Now a guy sees only a wonderful inner peace women not draws attention to their appearance. He falls in love with a beautiful, smart, kind, cheerful girl, besides the gorgeous blonde, Rosemary. HAL flies on the wings of love, not noticing how under Rosemary broken chairs, but only when it is jumping into the pool half the water spills out. Surrounding people and friends totally do not understand Hal and can only repeat the old adage: "Shallow Hal"

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