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Mulholland Dr.

Feature film, from amateur mysticism and enigmas, filmmaker David Lynch-"Mulholland Dr.", in its plot tells the story of two women who are intertwined.Young, attractive brunette, miracle stays alive after a car crash that occurred on Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles. She does not remember anything about herself who she is, as her name? All this for her Riddle. She is hiding in someone else's apartment, but finds her niece hostess-batty, who came to conquer Hollywood.

So the stranger picks a name for Rita and together the girls trying to get to the truth of what happened with Rita. Psychological Thriller filmed in the best genre brilliant filmmaker David Lynch.In the film Mulholland Drive many secrets, mysteries, unexplained details, he bears great connotation and some worth watch it more than once in order to unravel the meaning.

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