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Behind Enemy Lines

The plot of the Thriller "Behind Enemy Lines" tells the story of United States AIR FORCE pilots who have past will take part in resolving the conflict with Yugoslavia. United States NAVY Lieutenant Chris Burnett weary from the constant monitoring of the teachings of their colleagues and not having the opportunity to show their skills in this battle, resigns. His irate Commander Leslie Rejgart, who feels passionate guy is not ready to this fighting, decides to send Burnett in exploration.

During the flight Burnett manages to take a picture of something that is not intended for strangers, namely military camp. His plane, kill and katapultirovavshijsja Burnett turns out to be captured in the enemy rear. Admiral Rejgart goes to great sacrifices, the main of which is his career and organizes rescue operation Lt. Chris Burnett, who must survive in enemy territory before their arrival.

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