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We Were Soldiers

Historical Drama "We Were Soldiers" tells the story of the battle of the Vietnam War, which took place in the Valley of the river AI-Je in the distant year of 1965. The Vietnamese army completely destroys the French soldiers. In order to carry troops to the desired point, the Americans decided to use helicopters. Komandyvanie Cavalry Division assigned to the participant of the Korean War, Lieutenant Colonel Harold Moore. He carefully examines the data, monitors the training of soldiers of the battalion, as well as trying to deal with the mistakes of the French in the future to prevent such.

The film "We Were Soldiers" tells the story of heroes, ordinary guys who managed to withstand and repel the attacks of the Vietnamese army, many times larger than the number of Americans, they managed to capture the Division headquarters. Film about the wives of heroes, some of whom lost husbands, some look and tears greeted their loved ones since the War.

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