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Easy communication, flirting, nor non-binding novel ... It all looks so attractive and tempting for heroine Drama movie "Unfaithful" Connie Sumner. She has a beautiful house in the suburbs of New York, loving husband EdWard, grows a wonderful boy and life seemingly failed. One day, a chance meeting with a young Frenchman bukinistom, forcing Connie live a double life, to change her husband to lie to him and yourself.

This novel with Paul simple passion, not backed by feelings, but Connie is fine by me. EdWard slowly begins to suspect something was amiss, observing the behavior of his wife and was spying on her. His guesses are confirmed almost immediately, because the lovers is not hidden from prying eyes. The truth about that favorite woman is Unfaithful, anger, resentment and jealousy, makes EdWard go to extremes.

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