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In the most different corners of the planet have long discovered strange signs on the fields, as well as distant flat terrain, which may exceed the size of football fields. One such mysterious phenomena encountered at its Hessov family corn field in a small town in Pennsylvania. Former priest Graham Hess lives with her two children and a younger brother, a former baseball player at Merillom farm. After the tragic death of his wife, which knocked the car, Graham refused to be a priest.

With his brother and children, he leads a quiet, measured life in rural wilderness, and growers sell corn until near their homes don't start going weird stuff. Once Graham discovers on his corn field exactly beveled destroy huge sizes, looking like some characters. Who did it? And what does it all mean? Quiet life is disrupted by the invasion of the unknown, to sort out the Hess brothers begin their investigation, meanwhile, on television news broadcast about the mysterious strangers appearing in different parts of the world.

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