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Arriving in Charleston, Rob understands that absolutely not ready for the upcoming wedding. Tomorrow he will have to marry Megan, the best girl in the world, but he still has not learned the wedding dance, did not write marriage vow and didn't even really know whether it has captured an engagement ring. Instead of having to conduct business and to prepare for the ceremony, the groom goes to the city in the evening having fun with a friend.

And then with the main character of the film start to happen real miracles. He finds himself in the elevator, completely naked. How it got there and what ended the night pass, he doesn't remember, and only an hour left before the wedding! Breaking a lot of barriers, he tries to get to the Church, while running away from police and stealing clothes to cover my nakedness. But then again it turns out naked in the elevator. Someone placed an evil curse on him and makes permanent residents the same hour. Time loop broken only when it is formed, will take over the mind and become a man worthy of his bride!

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