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Die Another Day

Next, the twentieth James Bond spy account Thriller "Die Another Day" goes on to tell about a secret agent James Bond of the English investigation. 007 agent runs the job in North Korea, where he must kill illegal weapons provider, North Korean Colonel Tan-Sun Moon. However, Bond uncovers and capture a prisoner, where General Moon tries to wrest information from it regarding his son, Colonel Tan-Sun Moon. But the Bond does not break and after 14 months of his pass on the British side, and then the agent is withdrawn, but he decides to finish the deal.

Bond follows in the footsteps of their traitors, in Cuba it overlooks some of Gustav Graves-rich merchant, opened the new childbirth diamonds in Iceland. As usual, the sagacious Agent 007 understands that Gustav is not who they claim to be. Graves invented satellite, capable of direct rays of the Sun to the Earth, thereby creating artificial lighting at night, he shows off his work in his ice mansion in Iceland. But James Bond learns that this is actually a new superweapon.

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