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Bend It Like Beckham

Football is a favorite game of millions of people, not only men but also women. Famous players envy, admired, adored them and even seeking to emulate as a heroine of the movie "Bend It Like Beckham". Young vosemnadcatiletnjaja girl Jess lives with its large Indian family in London, she is watching football games most favorite team Manchester United and dreams about the same brilliant career as David Beckham. Jess live football, but have yet to drive the ball in one of London's parks, proving boys that girls can play even better than them.

Her parents and relatives are employed more important issues, they are looking for decent groom's daughter and concerned about its future legal career. However, Jess has experienced true happiness, once met with a cheerful girl Jules and it came in the women's football team; happiness does not only play football but favorite and relive the Romance with coach Joe, in which madly fell in love.

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