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28 Days Later

Horror film directed by Danny Boyle's "28 Days Later" tells the story of a terrible infestation of London's population unknown aggressive virus that turns people into insane bloodthirsty monsters. It all began with attempts by animal rights activists to release laboratory monkeys that carry out experiments. Caught in the wild rage infected chimpanzees is bitten by one of the activists, which leads to the beginning of the spread of the dreaded virus epidemic.

A deadly virus is transmitted through blood rapidly, encouraging people to commit brutal murder. Virtually all of England is infected, streets of London became extinct, healthy people trying to survive and take refuge in shelters. 28 days later in a clinic in the city comes out of the coma, a young guy Jim, who does not understand what is happening in the city. He finds a few survivors, with whom they have a long and dangerous journey to the military group in Manchester.

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