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In the center of the plot of the Drama film "Thirteen" is a friendship of two friends Tracy and Evie, as well as Tracy's relationship with his mother and the rest of the world. Thirteen-year-old Tracy grows good girl, let's never school learns to perfect and is the best student in his class. For her mother, Melanie is a real reWard, because her own life is not too successful, the only successes of daughters bring joy.

But everything changes when Tracy starts making friends with the most popular girl in school, Evie. She is beautiful, mischievous, reckless person, knows how to love people and seek. For Evie constantly walking around the crowd of guys and she successfully uses them, takes care to smoke, drink alcohol, as well as to engage in indiscriminate sex. Tracy correctly this life seems just perfect and she was trying to be like his girlfriend.

Keeping away from his family Tracey more quarrel with her mother and brother between them occurs wall of misunderstanding and problems of the adolescent matures, pile up like a snowball. In its thirteen she wants to live as adults, but does not know that it is much better not to hurry to become older, because life can lead to unpredictable situations.

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