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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

On Horror film "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"company young guys is sent to Mexico to get there a good marijuana. Passes the small town of Travis County, Texas, the guys picked poputchicu. However, a girl behaves strangely and Mumbles about some deaths and then pulls out a gun and kills himself with a gunshot to the head. , Shocked going on guys try to find a local sheriff and get rid of the body, but found the House of Hjuittov family, who gained the fame of the cruel edges of local slaughterhouses for found there mutilated human bodies.

Police pristrelila offender in a mask of human skin cut off and the case was closed, but through years of disappearance and killings continued. Unfortunately, the guys have not heard this story. In search of assistance, by their own will, they get into the world of madness and Horror. Now the heroes of the film "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" to experience the most terrifying moments in his life.

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