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Everything, Everything

Maddie loved located in one of the rooms of her house, because there was a lot of Windows, it is easily able to submit that they did not exist, the girl was provided in the outside world. Unfortunately due to severe immunodeficiency Maddie already long 17 years should not go out on the street, if she did it, then immediately died. She was involved in Sports, reading books and studying remotely at the architect. But all her days were similar to each other, because this girl is often missed and sad. She so wanted to get acquainted with the real person to touch someone, but it is understood that there will never be able to do so. It is pleasing that there was the Internet, which gave her the opportunity to interact with different people and learn new information, but Maddie envied those people who at any time could swim in the River, go trekking or parachuting from the plane.

Her mother was a doctor, the woman often otprashivalas from work to spend time with his daughter, with whom she regularly played in picking up words from chips. In addition to the mother of Maddie knew nurse Carla, and her daughter, yet more heroine not seen with anyone. Somehow the heroine noticed some people who settled in the House opposite and guests came a guy with a girl. They were brother and sister, who brought the mother of Maddie fruitcake, saying that they have new neighbors. Soon the heroine begins to correspond with this guy. She learns that his name is Ollie, but Maddie will persuade themselves to stop the relationship, the stronger it will pull to this young man. And he will not stop trying to understand why Maddy never emerged from the House. Once the heroine thinks that for the sake of meeting with Ollie could go out.

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