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Out of Time

The protagonist of the detective Thriller called "Out of Time" — Dear police Sheriff of a small town in Florida Whether experiencing long Whitlock Matt and painful divorce from his wife Alex Diaz, who is his Deputy at work. But this circumstance does not prevent Matt make love affair with a married woman Ann Mjeraj Harrison, who turns out to be cancer. Husband mistress takes absolutely nothing and seems to be waiting for death of a spouse, to obtain a significant amount of insurance. To rescue Ann, Matt goes on official Crime steals from the safe of a large sum of money to provide her an expensive treatment at one of the best hospitals.

But go for treatment Ann fails because the dies together with her husband at their home in a fire. Firefighters argue that the House set on fire which means is premeditated murder. However, not everything is so easy in this convoluted case, the investigation of which deals with Alex. Case with the money disappeared, all the evidence against Matt and he becomes the prime suspect. To prove her innocence hero movie "Out of Time" to be independently within several days to unravel the case.

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