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Girls Trip

Romantic Comedy Catch girls will please girls and women of all ages. The plot develops around the friendship of four young girls. In their life was a lot, they are equally beautiful, they call each other sisters and ready to stand Mount for each other. School days behind. And behold, they are sent to New Orleans for a music festival. But what can go wrong? Of course, the big city! Girls fall into various situations sometimes argue and even a little quarrel. But what does not happen when the girls a little drinking?

Their unexpected quarrels make girlfriends think should their relationship once they understand what friendship and Warm feelings are more important than unexpectedly opened up the side of each other. No men, alcohol or a big city with its charms cannot stand between these sisters. Home they come back together again and even closer. Nice Comedy spiced with good songs and charismatic actresses like Mariah Carrey and Queen Latifah. Light female humor is suitable for viewing in both large companies and for family viewing.

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