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Comedy directed by Ang Lee's "Hulk"-an adaptation of the comic book of the same name is from Marvel and tells the audience about the incredible abilities of the scientist turn into green supersilacha. Many years ago the scientist David Banner worked on Government and worked on project to create a super-soldier. Conduct experiments on humans scholar banned, so he decided to enter the serum himself. David was born the son of Bruce, having them in the blood cells of the body's ability to transform into a Green Monster-Hulk with devastating force.

Bruce grew up perfectly normal man and walked in the footsteps of his father, he also became a scholar. But one day, he underwent radiation and gamma rays in a fit of rage turned into the Hulk. This powerful force was interested in the military, they try to grab the Green Giant, to conduct research, but the Hulk escapes. Now Bruce must not only hide from authorities across the country, but also learn to manage themselves in order not to destroy everything in its path.

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