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Finding Nemo

Somewhere in the tropical seas inhabits two fish-clown-Marlin and Coral. They are prepared to become parents and have already come up with names for the future offspring, but the sudden appearance of barracudas destroys their plans-coral dies, and Marlin is only one Berry. So it appears the only son, whom he named Nemo. Because of the tragedy, as well as due to the fact that Nemo was born with one underdeveloped fin, Marlin surrounds son very meddlesome tutelage. When it's time to give Nemo to school, father very concerned for him. But here they are in the schoolyard, where parents bring their children.

Soon the students their teacher, Mr. joins the Scat. Together with the children he is sent to the Steep reef, as later learns the Marlin. Fish-clown is horrified, because he thinks this place is extremely dangerous. In the meantime, Nemo with several new friends separated by class and zaprimetili on the surface of the water some object. The guys thought it was a boat, and decided to have a competition-win whoever podplyvet as closely as possible to it.

Nemo refuses to participate in the dispute, and at this time his father grounds here. Marlin, seeing his son otbivshimsja from the class and on the edge of Steep reef, said that it is better to go to school in a year or even two. In response to this, the main character dares to disobey his father and the approaching boat. But prank takes an unexpected turn, and a violator of the rules get a diver. In a panic, Marlin tries to catch up with the boat, and this becomes the beginning of his great Adventure ...

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