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Cold Mountain

Lovers in each other heroes of the movie "Cold Mountain" -a poor Carpenter Inman Lectureship and the daughter of Reverend Monroe hell separates civil War between southern and Northern States. They did not have time to say to each other is the most important, only the letters help keep Inmanu on War and Hell with hope wait his return home. After a major injury, Inman decides to flee from the hospital to his beloved, but for deserting his cruel punishment.

Meanwhile, after his father's death, ADA remains absolutely alone in the large estate, she doesn't know how to manage it, she is starving and desperately trying to survive in the harsh times. For help she receives a random stranger-ill-bred, rough, but economic and very brisk girl Ruby. Together they lead a household farm in order and build a life. After going through a lot of adversity of fate, Inman returned to his native town of cold mountain to his beloved Hell but unfortunately fate gave them only one night ...

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