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Bad Santa

The plot of the Comedy movie "Bad Santa", an alcoholic, lustful womanizer, a loser, and even former snakes-safecracker-Willie, together with his partner black dWarf Markus, every Christmas looting malls. Before the holiday, the criminals are the work of a large department store, Willie in the role of Santa Claus, and Marcus in the role of a pixie. The criminals plan is very simple. Marcus, using his small stature, is hiding somewhere, and after the closure of a department store disables the alarm and, together with Willy make money from the safe.

So they provided a full year until the next case. This time, however, the plan did not work. Willy became very much drinking without controlling their Actions, bad Santa has become simply unbearable. He sends kids screaming on the surrounding people and has sex in the booth of the store. And yes even chubby boy, not believes in the existence of Santa Claus is sticking to Willie as a leech, and Mall Security Service began to suspect something.

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