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King Arthur

The Action of the movie "King Arthur" occur in the early middle ages. The plot tells the story of the exploits of the legendary character of Celtic mythology and Knight novels, leader of the Britons-King Arthur and his brave knights of the round table. Before his collapse in the 5th century, the Roman Empire owned many lands, including lands of Sarmatia.

Fifteen years ago Roman soldiers forcibly took away many of these lands for the service of the Roman Empire. After going through years of training and difficult fights, boys have turned into strong men and became fast friends. Arthur and his friends: Lancelot, Tristan, Gawain, Galahad, Bors and Dagonet eagerly await return to their villages. However, Rome is in no hurry to let his soldiers, instead of ratification on freedom, they entrust important task.

Soldiers must be delivered to Rome the Pope's beloved disciple of a certain man named Alecto. Knights are sent to the path ahead of them waiting for lots of Adventures, dating new people and long-awaited freedom. But first, they must defeat a large army of Saxons. This battle will be one of the many dangerous battles, but only in the course of which King Arthur will incur the loss of close friends, as well as find their love.

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