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Crime Thriller film directed by Michael Mann-"Collateral", tells the story of a very strange story, which happened with the ordinary taxi driver from Los Angeles. Max dreams to open a company limousine service, but so far works hard ordinary taxi driver. Once the client his taxi becomes Gallant, a well-dressed man, who appears to be Vincent. He arrived in Los Angeles in just a couple of hours ago and asks Max for good pay ride in several places.

Max agrees, because such work is particularly overdosing. After the first destination, fell from the roof of the corpse of a man who has just killed Vincent. Max suspects that it is not pure, but returning Vincent all his suspicions to assuage. Turns out even worse, taxi passenger Vincent is a Hitman, goes from one victim to another, while Max in this business-partner. This revelation shocked Max begins to develop a plan to save their lives and the lives of the unfortunate, to which the killer had not yet reached.

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