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On psychological Thriller directed by Marc Forster's "Stay" young student, a talented but frustrated artist Henry Climb is on the brink of madness. He appealed for help to the psychiatrist Sam Foster and talks about how he intends to commit suicide because they cannot live in a constant hell. Suicide Henry intends to accomplish in the Sabbath day at midnight. Concerned about the behaviour of the patient and in a statement, Sam decides to do everything in their power to prevent the deaths of guy convince him to continue to live and get rid of the abnormal ideas.

The next meeting for a session of psychotherapy Sam introduces Henry with a blind doctor who turns out to be the deceased father of the patient from whom the sharahaetja as from electric shock. Wanting to understand the oddities occurring and help the guy, Sam is immersed in the world of Henry, where begins a perilous journey in thought, illusions and fantasies of a talented and extraordinary guy who sees the world very differently.

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