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Saw II

The plot of the film "Saw II" sophisticated maniac Designer continues to maintain their sadistic games with abduction victims. This time not in the room, and in the House are locked not two, but eight strangers. At first glance the prisoners not linked, but the constructor gives them clues written on tape, as well as reports that two hours later, all will be dead, because breathe poisonous gas. Antidote hidden throughout the House, the prisoners just to think carefully and not to panic. Among the prisoners is Girl Amanda, which managed to survive in the previous game to survive.

It requests all follow rules maniac, but not all, listen to it and die an agonizing death. Among the prisoners was the son of detective Eric Matthews Daniel, which causes Erika to organize a detachment of special forces and heading to the abandoned factory where supposedly hiding constructor. However, finding and capturing the brutal maniac, Eric much more remains to be done, and more importantly know where is located the ill-fated House with hostages.

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