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Phoenix Forgotten

Fantastic story is based on real events that occurred in Arizona, online movie Forgotten Phoenix 2017 year, timed to coincide with the anniversary of the phenomenon, which became the most famous and popular among UFO incidents. Many stories and videos of eyewitnesses or rumored, was published in the MEDIA, documentaries and even movies, but the lights of Phoenix were the rastirazhirovannym phenomenon. A series of mysterious lights flying over the desert and Phoenix, there were plenty of eyewitnesses, all were shocked and delighted by the incident, so this case got its name.

People considered themselves elected, perhaps it's a sign from above, but someone decided to get immediate answers to your questions and not fret guesses and hopes as the rest of humanity today. Three students of friends, two guys and a girl, as the same witnessed the lights immediately sent into the desert to investigate the incident, and if lucky, then maybe and shoot better, but in the morning they had not returned home. What happened to them, where they disappeared, no one knew, traces the struggle or bodies are found, their disappearance was the same mysterious, as a phenomenon in the sky on the night of March 13. However, 20 years later, the younger sister of one of the missing, decided to investigate the disappearance of teenagers returning to her native Phoenix. It falls into the hands of the video, which depicts the last hours of the night in the life of Adventurers. What was Sarah Bishop, you'd better not see and kept in the dark.

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