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Lake Alice

Sarah long time not seen with their parents, she wanted to fix it, so as soon as dad with mom invited her to celebrate Christmas, she immediately agreed. It was decided to go into the House, which was located in the mountains and belonged to the father of Sarah, but this girl went to not one, but with a new guy Ryan. While heroes rode in the car, the parents tried to learn her daughter's boyfriend, because he asked a lot of questions, and when we got to the place, then the Pope with his mother decided to go to the store to buy some products. Sarah did not want to go anywhere, so she stayed in society Ryan, these two young people decide to enjoy the local countryside. And the parents of the girls stumbled upon Sheriff, who asked unfriendly spouses lost in his city.

This unpleasant type of once again caught the eye of heroes when they were shopping, at the same time, Ryan is right down the street made Sarah proposal, this girl gladly agreed to marry this guy, so accepted. When her parents returned, she hurried to share with them the news, showing the ring. Mom was delighted for daughter, but Sarah's dad was not delighted by the fact that his krovinushka had gathered to withdraw per person, which he himself did not know at all. Father of the heroine hastened to tell all that he thought his wife, and then he had to forget about the upcoming wedding because it was necessary to do everything possible to save the lives of yourself and loved ones. No one knows where a man appeared in a white mask, who intended to kill the heroes. One after the other. Heroes who have not had to ask for help, you can count only on themselves.

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