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Just Friends

Senior Chris Brender secretly in love with the beautiful girl Jamie Palamino, but they are just friends with her, because Chris is a thick, complex and unpopular guy, and it was the first beauty school. He was never able to confess her love. Ten years later, Chris turned into a beauty-Heartthrob, he lost weight, podkachalsja, changed its image, has made a career of a successful music producer. He lives in Los Angeles in a posh mansion, goes on an expensive car and is popular with women, but avoids any close relationship with any of the girls.

Once Chris goes to Paris along with windy and spoilt pop singer Samantha. But due to the breakage plane commits an emergency landing in New Jersey. Caught in hometown Chris meets with former lover Jamie and understands that feels to her feelings. Ten years later, they are still just friends for Jamie and Chris have to heavily to try to win the heart of beauty.

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