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Military Drama directed by Sam Mendes-"Jarhead", tells about the life and struggle of American soldiers during the Gulf War. Anthony Suofford is a young Rookie, undergoing military training in the United States Marine Corps training camp, but after being sent to the Pjendelton base. There's Tony meets with the rest of the soldiers and passes a peculiar ritual.

Suoff goes sniper course and together with a detachment of staff sergeant Sykes, is sent to the Persian Gulf to participate in a military operation Desert Shield. Marines are young guys with weapons in their hands, with heavy backpacks on their shoulders, not accustomed to paljashhemu znoju and unbearable heat in the desert, are rushing into battle. But is it worth crave hostilities that have taken the lives of, mutilated the body and psyche of soldiers?

Marines patrol the desert territory days, drink a lot of water, tell each other about the House and favorite women, many of whom could not endure separation and have begun to change. Similarly, Suoff learned in a letter from his girlfriend that modifies it. This news and the environment shall bring them to the point of bordering on insanity. But the assigned task-to destroy the Iraqi officers, lead Suoffa to the brutal reality.

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